76.14 is a low-voltage arrangement of 14 blown glass pendants each housing a 0.4 watt LED lamp.

Please note that the copper mesh used within the 76 may be affected by heat and oxidization during the glass blowing process. These small oxidized edges can sometimes separate within the pendant; this is a natural characteristic of the metal and is seen as an evolution of the piece as it ages.

bocci producut-16



76.14 uses headphone jack connections, which allow the pendants to be “plugged into” the canopy for fast and easy installation. Pendant lengths are pre-set during production and are not site adjustable. There are two standard canopy options. Both options have a white, powder-coated finish.

Rectangle Canopy

Rectangular canopies are 33.5" / 850 mm long, 11.2" / 284 mm wide, and 2" / 53 mm deep.

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Round Canopy

Round canopies are 20" / 508 mm in diameter and 2" / 53 mm deep.

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