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100 Process

100 takes form as multiple glassblowers methodically produce glass bubbles, then—in an instant—push the malleable globes into one interlocking cluster. After the glass hardens, a sculptor uses a diamond saw to expose the complexities of 100’s interior and exterior forms. A low-voltage light source, drilled into the center of the cluster, creates a glow modulated by the various thicknesses of glass.

Bocci HQ 100 Fahim K 90013

What was previously a diagnostic tool to investigate Bocci’s material experiments—dissection—becomes a design feature in 100. This series also involves one of our most extreme collaboration processes: up to eight glassblowers participate in the making of each 100. The pendant’s final form is left in the hands of the sculptor, who decides which undulations and angles will create the most dynamic juxtapositions.

Conceived in 2020. Launched in 2022.

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