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Bocci is a multidisciplinary design studio, research lab, and factory built around the core design principles of Omer Arbel.

We explore novel production methods, allowing materials to respond according to their inherent properties, unveiling the hidden potentials within glass, metal, concrete, fire, electricity and others.

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Photographer: Fahim Kassam

Constrained Chance

As makers, we’re pushing the boundaries of design through experimentation, and research. What happens when you relinquish control? Unforeseen outcomes are at the heart of our process. We embrace the beauty of unpredictability.

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Photographer: Fahim Kassam


Bocci is dozens of designers, glassblowers, chemists, engineers and architects. Our team brings together many different skills and is organized in a horizontal way. This inclusive, collaborative ecosystem fosters the envisioning and development of our creative projects, manifesting through work of different scales, from jewelry to sculptural lighting to architecture.

Omer Arbel

Omer Arbel trained as an architect in the late 1990s, and apprenticed under renowned architects including Enric Miralles and Patkau Architects. In 2005, he established his own studio practice and co-founded Bocci, centered on engaging in dialogue with materials. These conversations manifest in designs ranging from individual objects to architectural scales.





Bocci is a multidisciplinary design studio, research lab, and factory headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

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Photographer: Fahim Kassam

Founded in 2005 under the creative directorship of Omer Arbel in partnership with entrepreneur Randy Bishop, Bocci is committed to fostering an environment for creativity, craft, and experimentation to thrive.

Bocci’s first lamp, 14, was made in a modified barn in rural British Columbia. Today, we are a team that collectively conjures our ever-growing portfolio of sculptural lighting. Every object is developed, engineered, and fabricated in-house in our factory in Vancouver, using open ended processes that foreground technique and quality.

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Photographer: Fahim Kassam

Every Bocci product is hand-crafted and therefore unique. Each design follows a set of guidelines, not a rulebook. Each member of our team brings their own signature to each piece they make. That’s why no two Bocci products are exactly alike.

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Photographer: Fahim Kassam

Collaboration is at Bocci’s core. We operate spaces for creative exchange in Vancouver, Milan, and Berlin. We invite designers, artists, and architects from our international community to join us in these showrooms and studios - to share work, grow community, deepen relationships, and spark imagination.

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