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Experimentation, collaboration, and hands-on making fuel every object we produce. Our team — glassblowers, metalworkers, chemists, sculptors, designers, architects, and engineers — exchange skills and knowledge to extend the possibilities of form.

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Photographer: Fahim Kassam


The extended creation process that defines Bocci is captured in our naming system. Every product is assigned a number—this is the order in which each experiment began, but did not necessarily finish. Our first commercially available light fixture, 14, was followed by 21, then 22, 28, 57, and 73. There is no editing, and no waste.

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Glass, copper, steel, concrete, wood, fire, air. These are what we work and play with. The material discoveries our team makes through collaboration become Bocci’s final products. Bocci’s light forms emerge from what our creative director calls “constrained chance” — we might set the frameworks, but the materials act out their own will.

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We are a fluid and elastic group of thinkers and explorers. We practise a culture of care at Bocci that is broad-minded and deep-rooted. Our craft requires us to be alert and responsive, and we believe that nurturing the imagination comes from feeding the soul.

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Flexibility and adaptation define Bocci’s designs as much as schematics and chemical formulas do. It can take one day or one decade for a particular design experiment to make sense. The products we choose to manufacture are punctuation marks in our ongoing study of matter and process.

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Bocci products are handmade. In each and every object, unintended consequences meet skill and technique. The result: something entirely unrepeatable and endlessly compelling. Even after the glass has cooled, our lighting designs remain fluid and flexible: scalable from one to dozens of globes, pairable with multiple fixture types.





Bocci is a design research studio, lab and factory based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Founded in 2005 under the creative directorship of Omer Arbel, Bocci is committed to fostering a lateral and open-ended relationship between creative direction, material exploration and craft.

The company launched with one lighting design, ’14’, which became an instant classic and remains a design staple and bestseller. Bocci’s growing portfolio of sculptural lighting is developed, engineered and fabricated in-house through an infrastructure calibrated to provide full control over technique, quality and scale.

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Collaboration is at Bocci’s core. In this spirit, we operate spaces for creative exchange in Vancouver, Milan, and Berlin (Fall 2023). We invite designers, artists, and architects from our international community to join us in these showrooms and studios—to share work, grow community, deepen relationships, and spark imagination.

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We don’t define our team by their individual training or qualifications so much as offer a fertile environment for them to experiment in. As a team we place value on living life well. We challenge ourselves, we push each other and we celebrate together. Feeling good means feeling connected to one another and to our different realities.

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