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44 Process

Between each of 44’s aluminum forms, spherical light bulbs glow. The system requires no electrical cables, because it functions as a singular whole: low-voltage electricity flows directly through the structure, from aluminum cast, to spherical bulb, to aluminum cast. 44 is, indeed, alive.

44 Making Of Fahim K 01 03 preview max Width 1600 max Height 1600

44’s nerve-like conglomerations—seemingly weightless, in midflight—belie its earthly beginnings. Born from discarded molten iron dumped into a bin of broken sand moulds, it exemplifies one of Bocci’s defining design tenets: there are no accidents, there is no waste.

The discarded molten metal filled the voids between the sand moulds, capturing inert space. This unexpectedly remarkable cast-off sat quietly in Bocci’s studio. Then, two years later, the process was repeated in aluminum: a significantly lighter, rounder metal. 44’s uncanny form emerged from happenstance, curiosity, time, and process.

Conceived in 2012. Launched in 2013.

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