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38 Process

There’s a reason 38 is our glassblowers’ favourite to make. It takes techniques first used for the 28 series to the extreme. 38’s main clear-glass globe is larger (up to 10 inches in diameter) and houses even more inverted bubbles, pushed until they touch one another. Manipulating heat and air produces these “controlled implosions,” set off by vacuums created within the main globe. Each 38 contains two or three light sources.

The trade-off for 38’s extremes is a smaller colour palette: the production process is simply too volatile for many tinting materials. But embracing this limitation means we can produce a design that grips at the edges of what’s possible in glassblowing—exactly the space that Bocci, as a design lab, aims to occupy.

The 38V variant scales down the form, to around 7 inches in diameter. The imploded milk-glass openings remain large enough to house small plants. Non-lit vases for plants and other objects can also fit into the suspension system.

Conceived in 2010. Launched in 2013.

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