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14 Process

The allure of 14 is its imperfections. A sphere that is not quite spherical, a translucence that is not fully translucent, a light that is not exactly a light source. The central cylinder, fitted with a low-voltage bulb, joins two half-spheres of glass. These hemispheres touch along imprecise edges. Air bubbles—introduced as the glassblower fills the moulds with molten glass—disrupt clarity.

14 is where Bocci’s story truly begins. Like many of our objects, 14 emerged from a process that darted down an unexpected path: Two novice glassworkers pouring and then drilling what was, then, a mysterious material. A perfect sphere was desired—but 14 is what we got. Instead of machine-like precision, 14 holds the qualities of both rippling water and glowing flame.

This series set the course for Bocci’s design practice to come, defined by curiosity, tenacity, and an unconventional approach.

Conceived in 2005. Launched in 2005.

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