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28 Process

We took a typically unconventional approach to Bocci’s first blown-glass offering. 28 inverts a traditional technique: instead of moving air into molten glass, we asked what would happen if we removed it. Each 28 takes shape through this play with airflow, imploding multiple small spheres into a larger traditional sphere. A single milk-glass bubble houses the lamp.

28 also involves play with colour and temperature. Milky and clear glass mingle with coloured glass—tinted by cobalt, selenium, copper, manganese, and other minerals—to create inverse globes of various colours and translucence. Careful modulation of heat guides both 28’s final form and its hue.

28 exemplifies Bocci’s focus on process, not outcome. Our glassblowers aren’t making an object—they’re riffing on a recipe. Because of this, each 28 is an unrepeatable specimen.

Whether 28 conveys a joyful or austere mood is affected by the chosen colours and suspension system: Bright or muted. Hanging, structured, or haphazard. Grouped or dispersed. Whatever the outcome, all 28 carry within them their originary playfulness.

Conceived in 2009. Launched in 2010.

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