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16 Process

Bocci uses many unusual techniques, but 16 emerges from one of the simplest: poured molten glass. While basic in principle, it took years to hone 16. Three glass puddles of varying opacity and colour are poured one atop the other—fused, but distinct. Two puddles attach around a central light source and become a softly glowing node on a steel support. Multiple branch-like rods converge into a tree shape, displayed either inverted or upright.

The raw finish of the glass puddles and the rigidness of the metal support meet in one of Bocci’s most substantial designs. The upright 16 Tree comes in heights from just-over-human size to more-than-two-storeys tall. The upside-down 16 Armature spans widths from an average dining table to a king-size bed. 16’s weightiness means it often finds itself homed outdoors.

Conceived in 2002. Launched in 2012.

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