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76 Process

More than a light, 76 is a modern-day alchemical phenomenon. Ghostly tendrils of milky glass glide up toward an encasing bubble of clear glass. A copper-mesh membrane distributes the white glass into an organic formation, drawn upward by the glassblower’s inhaled breath. Visible loops of copper wire join the interior bulb to an electrical fixture on 76’s flat side, from which the pendant hangs.

Glass Shop Railway 76 Fahim K 0087 preview max Width 1600 max Height 1600

76 arises from Bocci’s particular curiosity with working glass and copper together. It took years to figure out how to prevent shattering—the usual outcome, since glass and metal expand and cool at different rates. By matching the two materials’ “coefficient of expansion,” Bocci’s glassblowers can fuse them into a single object.

Using a litany of techniques developed over hundreds of experiments, 76 presents both a functional pendant and a technical feat.

Conceived in 2015. Launched in 2017.

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