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84 Process

Rounded, feathery puffs of white glass push up through a copper mesh and softly intermingle with the surrounding clear glass. 84’s imperfect, multifaceted interior creates a deceptively airy object—like a flash-frozen billow of smoke.

Some 84s are fitted with a low-voltage bulb to create a lamp that casts a warm, coppery glow. Others, slightly flatted on one end, are sheared with a diamond saw to produce a vase (84.2). Along with the inner cavity, the cut reveals the border between 84’s three layers. This ambling perimeter—unique to each 84—is further accentuated by using brightly coloured glass for the interior layer.

Making Of 84 2 Fahim K 29170009 preview max Width 1600 max Height 1600

84 takes the lessons learned from 76 and uses them to opposite ends. Like its predecessor, 84 relies on the careful matching of the expansion rates of glass and copper. Here, though, the glassblower exhales instead of inhales: the opal glass, copper mesh, and clear glass develop in unison, rather than in opposition.

Conceived in 2015. Launched in 2017.

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