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57 Process

Multiple blown-glass spheres converge to create the abstracted cloud-like form of 57. Pockets of air trapped inside a first layer of clear glass become encased in a thick second layer of semitransparent glass. This structure of built-up glass and air—repeatedly heated and reworked—gives 57 its mysterious aura: When off, the light appears as a solid mass. When lit, a complex internal universe comes alive.

57 captures Bocci’s commitment to an exploratory, maker-led process. The glassblower decides where to place each sphere, and when and how to manipulate the form using heat. The maker’s mood and vision that day determines the pendant’s final shape. No two 57 are exactly alike.

The series takes on further character according to the suspension system and whether grey or opaline glass is selected. Certain arrangements of 57 feel like a bank of roly-poly clouds, others like a network of mushrooms, and some like swarms of otherworldly creatures.

Conceived in 2012. Launched in 2015.

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