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14p Paris Edition

Kingsley Ifill still 14p matter and shape Celia SK 01
Photographer: Celia Spenard-Ko


Kingsley Ifill still 14p matter and shape 02
Photographer: Kingsley Ifill
Kingsley Ifill still 14p matter and shape 11
Photographer: Kingsley Ifill

For Paris Fashion Week, Bocci showcases a special Paris edition of the new Paris 14p portable glass light in dialogue with a series of commissioned photographic artworks by Kingsley Ifill.

Bocci is pleased to participate in the inaugural edition of the design salon Matter and Shape, directed by Matthieu Pinet with creative direction by Dan Thawley, held in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris on March 1–4. Conceived in close collaboration with Thawley, our project for the salon consists of a special Paris edition of our newly launched 14p portable light and a commissioned series of large-scale photographic artworks by the British artist Kingsley Ifill.

The Paris 14p is presented in an exclusive champagne rosé colourway and Ifill’s works cast the light in dynamic roles and poses, like the movements of a dancer. The bodies in the images, in motion and without clothing, emphasize the unbound, unconfined character of the lights. An arrangement of lights placed on a black plinth is surrounded by Ifill’s printed canvases, each measuring 1.9 meters in height. The result is a dialogue between light and the body, one that is both intimate and immediate.

This presentation is part of Bocci’s ongoing series of collaborations with artists, designers, and others for projects in a range of formats.

14p transforms Bocci’s iconic 14 Series, first launched in 2005, into a portable, candle-like table light. The rechargeable cast-glass pendant is fully wireless and made of two imperfect glass hemispheres. Anywhere you go, so does 14p’s rippling, watery glow—the touch-controlled dimmer steps through three ambient lighting levels.

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