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21 Process

Designed to hang in clusters, 21’s delicate forms brush against one another in barnacle-like arrangements. In daylight, these groupings suggest clean and crisp linens hung out to dry. In the dark, 21 appears like a raft of lit paper lanterns, rising into the night sky.

21 takes shape from sheets of porcelain draped and pinched around a upholstered support. The resulting conical objects are fitted with glass diffusers that hold low-voltage lamps. A strong contrast occurs between the soft light that passes through the white porcelain shell and the crisp light that moves through the glass diffuser.

Porcelain is commonly used to represent other things—like small figurines—but 21 foregrounds the material’s inherent qualities. Smooth, soft, and gently aglow, 21 brings focus to the basic elements of clay and light.

Conceived in 2002. Launched in 2007.

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