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Here you'll find answers to top ordering and technical questions. For additional questions, please email us at [email protected].

Ordering Support

Support questions regarding ordering Bocci products are featured here. If you have additional questions, please send us an email.

Yes, our LED lamps are included in the price with the exception of the 74 series. Replacement lamps are available on our online shop.

Yes, drivers come with the fixtures.

Custom canopies may be specified in RAL classic colours or stainless steel. These options add to the lead time and cost. Please inquire for more details.

You can adjust the lengths on site for the adjustable lengths (strain relief) fixtures. This generally refers to fixtures with up to 7 pendants. All larger chandeliers come with preset, fixed lengths (jack connected), which you should specify at the time of ordering. Sculptural cable lengths are a minimum of 750mm (30”) and up to 3m (10’) standard, or up to 24m (78’) custom. All copper suspension fixture lengths need to be specified at the time of ordering. To create more sculptural arrangements, please specify this need at the time of ordering and we will add 5–15% to the requested lengths, depending on your preferences.

Measure from the underside of the canopy (which has a depth of 53mm or 2”) to the underside of the pendant. Remember, you only need to provide the shortest and longest pendant lengths, and from that we will create a random cascade throughout the range.

Fixtures are offered with a base cable length of 10’ per pendant. For an up charge, a technical maximum of 30500mm (100’) can be accommodated.

The standard coaxial cable is available in braided stainless steel only. Sculptural cable is available in both black and nickel finishes. Copper cable is available in raw copper only.

Standard canopy fixtures can be installed on a gently sloped ceiling of 15 degrees or less. Installing on a steeper slope is possible, but there may be other restrictions in terms of the pendant configuration. Please contact us regarding ceilings with a slope greater than 15 degrees. Armature and stem fixtures are intended for installation on level ceilings only.

14, 73, and 84 Series wall mount fixtures are all rated IP65 for use in wet areas. All trees are rated IP56 for outdoor (or indoor) use based on structural analysis for the maximum loaded trees in moderately sheltered locations near seawater with minimal snow loads.

The S mini backplate is 55mm (2.2”) in diameter and does not require mounting directly to a junction box. Remote mounted power supplies must be connected to the line voltage inside a junction box according to local electrical codes. The SP backplate is 115mm (4.5”) in diameter and is designed to mount directly to a junction box. The SP backplate is paintable to match the finish of the surface onto which it is installed.

Canopies with 7 or fewer pendants come in brushed nickel, black powder coat, and white powder coat options. The standard finish for canopies with greater than 7 pendants is white powder coat in RAL 9016.

Please see our Returns page for information about returns.

Bocci warrants its products to be free from material and quality defects for one year from the date of receipt. During this period of warranty, Bocci will repair or replace, at its option, components or products that are proven to be defective. This warranty does not apply to light bulbs and drivers supplied by Bocci as a customer convenience. Using parts of Bocci fixtures, substituting another manufacturer’s product, or altering the product in any way will void all approvals and warranties. Bocci is not responsible for the following:

• Any costs related to installation, reinstallation, removal, or repair;

• Damage caused by improper installation or assembly by the customer or a related third party;

• Damage caused by exposure to weather or improper environment;

• Damage caused by improper cleaning solutions or methods;

• Any change in appearance or patina caused by natural wear.

We advise carefully reviewing the product specifications and instructions before installation, as improper installation or use of the product invalidates any claims or warranties.

Yes, you can order a custom mud-in canopy, which creates a seamless and flush finish. This option comes with a surcharge and adds to the lead time of the chandelier.

Random canopies have the cable connections arranged randomly across the canopy surface. Cluster canopies have the connections clustered in the centre. 28 Series cluster fixtures may be used in many different ways. With regular coaxial cables, we include a metal ring that allows the pendants to be bound together in a bouquet shape. With sculptural cables and copper suspension, the canopy is used to create a distinct starting point for the cables to disperse from.

Technical Support

Questions regarding technical aspects of Bocci products are featured here. If you have additional questions, please send us an email.

Most Bocci fixtures are simple to clean. Please refer to the Series FAQs for specific information for each, or see our How To videos.

We recommend remote mounting for ease of maintenance in the future as all transformers and drivers have a finite lifespan.

Multiple single pendant fixtures should be wired in parallel - DO NOT wire in series. Bocci recommends a home run line for each fixture location to avoid significant voltage drop.


Your electrician can determine this, since it’s specific to each site. They will need to assess what gauge of wire is needed for a given distance to ensure there is no drop in voltage.

18 gauge.


Yes - the voltage is 12V. Power supplies are provided to step down standard line voltage to 12V.

All our xenon fixtures are dimmable, and the LED fixtures can be dimmed when dimmable power supplies are specified. Reverse phase, 0-10V, DALI, and Casambi dimming may be supported; please specify at the time of order. Make sure to purchase a dimmer compatible with low-voltage electronic transformers. If you are in the UK, you must use a trailing edge dimmer.

Our fixtures are compatible with 100V to 240V input power. Please inquire for 277V solutions.

Constant voltage.

Bocci’s xenon lamps are 2600K and Bocci’s LED lamps are 2500K. 2000K and 3500K LED options are available by request.

We embrace the uniqueness of each chandelier, so some of the work rests with the customer. We provide no map, as we leave the final decision about what looks best in the space to the designer/installer/owner.

Ensure your fixture has been correctly installed and, if you are using a dimmer, that it is a low-voltage electronic dimmer. Additionally, incompatible dimming types will cause flickering; please ensure your provided driver is compatible with your dimmer. If the flickering persists, please contact Bocci for further troubleshooting assistance.

The first step is to try a different lamp in the non-working socket. If it lights up, you will need a replacement lamp. If it’s an adjustable lengths (strain relief) fixture, it could be that the strain relief has been overtightened, causing a short in the coaxial cable. Gently release the strain relief and feed the cable up about an inch and retighten, taking care not to overtighten the set screw. If this is a fixed lengths (jack connected) fixture, try moving the non-working pendant to a working connection, and vice versa. This will help determine which part of the fixture needs repair.

LED is often chosen for its lower electricity consumption, and xenon is chosen for its beautiful colour rendering and dimmability.

Yes. In time the copper will patina and change colour.

You can’t. You have to be very careful to only slightly bend and not kink the copper. Be very patient and do not over-bend the copper tubes, as this will leave a permanent kink.

For pendant anchors in concrete ceiling installations, we suggest the #4-6 DuoPower anchors, which will require a 3/16” hammer drill.

Every single Bocci piece is handmade, and each pendant varies in characteristic (colour saturation, size, texture, etc.). These differences are celebrated.

There are a number of factors than can affect the lifespan of LED lamps. These include climate as well as handling. However, the number one cause of early failure is incompatible dimming; please ensure the LED power supply provided is compatible with your dimmer or dimming system. You can learn more about the driver specifications.

While the LED and xenon lamps throw a nice amount of light when used in multiples, Bocci fixtures are sculptural and atmospheric, not task lighting. Bocci does not have or provide IES files, as our glass and porcelain is handmade. The pendants always vary in size, hue, tint, and material thickness. Bocci's lamps are designed to produce the optimum amount of output to highlight the beauty of the materials and should not be considered task lighting.

Bocci provides the correct number of power supplies to function the entire fixture, or group of fixtures (with remote mounted power supplies). If fixtures with remote mounted power supplies will be installed in more than one wired grouping, please note the number of fixtures or groups at the time of order.

Yes. However, lamps are power supply specific, so both need to be changed for the fixture to work.

Sculptural Cable Support

Questions specific to Bocci's sculptural cable suspension products are answered here. If you have additional questions, please send us an email.

Fixtures with 1 to 7 pendants come with adjustable sculptural cables (3.5m per pendant). Suspension cables are always adjustable.

Please follow the measuring instructions on the linked guide to access Bocci design services. A Bocci design drawing is required for all non-adjustable sculptural cable installations.

The drawing will show both a plan view grid for placing your ceiling anchors and a lengths list showing the sculptural cable lengths you have received and which pendant they correspond to. Please use these as a guide to installation. Small on-site adjustments to the pendant heights and anchor placements are at your discretion.

We suggest that you begin by installing all the ceiling anchors as per your design drawing or intention. Mark their location on the ceiling and install anchor kits. Then install the sculptural cables that form the perimeter of the installation, gradually filling in toward the centre.

Sculptural cables are available in nickel or black. Please specify when ordering.

All pendants in a sculptural cable fixture require additional suspension to hold the shape of the cable. They can be suspended either from the canopy using a canopy jack ring and suspension cable, or with one of our anchor kits.

Yes, we stock lengths up to 30m. Keep in mind that longer sculptural cables may sometimes require longer suspension cables to achieve the desired shape. Please inquire for the associated surcharges.

Copper Suspension Support

Questions specific to Bocci's copper cable suspension products are answered here. If you have additional questions, please send us an email.

No, the copper lengths need to be specified at the time of ordering. We automatically add a little extra length to your measurements to give you room for sculpting.

This depends on whether your fixture will enter horizontal space with the use of anchor kits or fall vertically beneath the canopy. For a horizontal (anchor kit) installation, see measuring instructions. For a vertical installation, follow this guide.

Copper suspension fixtures using anchor kits require a design drawing. Vertical copper installations may not require a design drawing.

The drawing will show both a plan view grid for placing your ceiling anchors and a lengths list showing the copper lengths you have received and which pendant they correspond to. Please use these as a guide to installation. Small on-site adjustments to the pendant heights and anchor placements are at your discretion.

Yes. In time the copper will patina and change colour.

The installer is responsible for sculpting the copper. We suggest smoothly unrolling the copper from the jack-connector and committing to the curves you add rather than trying to readjust them. The copper is malleable and forgiving, but overworking the copper interferes with smooth curves and lines.

Take note of the length of that copper piece and contact your salesperson to order a replacement.

Standard copper suspension cables are 6.3mm (0.25”) in diameter.

We do not include junction boxes, dimming systems, additional wiring, or structural reinforcement materials.

Yes. At the installer's discretion, Bocci's standard canopies can be flush mounted with a ceiling surface. Bocci's formal specifications and install instructions for each series still apply. Alternatively, Bocci can accommodate custom requests for mud-in specific canopies.

The suspension cables with anchors are provided to create a horizontal installation. In a horizontal installation, not all of the pendants hang directly below the canopy; some instead trail off parallel to the ceiling plane or deviate under gravity. As such, the suspension cable is hung from optional anchor points mounted elsewhere from the canopy. Pendant anchor kits also provide for extra support and levelling for the armature and horizontal stem fixtures.

Yes, the suspension cable is adjustable on site, regardless of the size of your fixture.

Bocci strongly recommends remote mounted power supplies, especially for larger or hard-to-reach installations. All power supplies have a finite lifespan, and remote mounting makes it easier to service them in the future. Fixtures that use anchor kits to suspend the pendants between the canopy and the surrounding ceiling area require 3/4” marine grade plywood backing throughout the entire installation area. For all larger fixtures, a plywood backing is required for support.

Cleaning Support

Links to tips on cleaning your pendants, hardware and objects are featured here. If you have additional questions, please send us an email.

Please see our list of tips regarding cleaning Bocci pendants and hardware.

Please see our list of tips regarding cleaning Bocci objects.

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